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Karl Urban from his panel at Emerald City Comicon 2014

(photos by Kathy Ann Bugajsky)

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Wow thank you based Bones

Do I even have to link this

 …and in all of that, and perhaps more, only one of each of us.


Everyone can go home because I have the best signature ever.


EMCC….Karl is very expressive when he speaks


myladyenterprise and i ACTUALLY!! MEETING!! KARL!!!!

the lines were super long so everything went by fast but he was so nice he told alex that “you’re the original, gorgeous” bc of her costume and we both died a little on the inside

ALSO creeper moment BUT HE SMELLED SO NICE LIKE HONESTLY IT WAS FRICKIN RIDICULOUS he was just amazing and kind and spoke to everyone

but wow wow wow this weekend has been amazing ive met so many wonderful people and seen so much cool stuff AND SPENT SO GODDAMN MUCH MONEY but yeah i love comiccon im so sad that it’s over and so happy that it happened at all

here’s to next year <3

This admin can concur that Karl does indeed smell quite wonderful.


Lookit his adorable face!



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@PinballJules… ♥ ♥ ♥


So I went up to the signing booths on my lunch break so I could get Nichelle’s and Karl’s signatures. Nichelle I got, but when I got to Karl’s line, they weren’t letting anyone into it. The sign said his 4:00 signing was canceled. Disappointment and despair.

I asked the minion manning his line why he wouldn’t be there, and she didn’t know. They didn’t know at the signing desk, and they didn’t know at information, so I went down to his last known location — photo ops — figuring that if he’d told anyone he couldn’t be there, it was the people he was last with. (I’ll say that my perseverance was partially inspired by the fact that information needed to know what had happened so they could inform others… but mostly it was just me being unable to accept being turned away without a proper explanation. So I became a stalker. As you do.)

So I get down to photo ops, and I ask the minions there about it. They weren’t even aware that Karl had canceled his signing. Resigned never to know the whole story, I turned to leave.

Suddenly, a chorus of cheers rose up behind me. I turned to look: many a minion was scampering behind the green curtain, headed in Karl’s direction. I hurried back up to the front and asked the minion there what was happening. She said that Karl had finished photo ops for the day, and he’d offered to let the volunteers queue up and snap photos with him, no charge.

So uh, yeah. I got another one. For the record: Karl Urban smells like warmth and spices and magic.

(I found out later that he wasn’t signing because they’d messed up his schedule. He was supposed to be on his way to the airport to return to New Zealand when they had him slated for signatures.)