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Gazing at each other *.*


"When one person stays, the other moves on, tethered in orbit, like the earth and the sun."

Blue Phases (click for hd)

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James T. Kirk & Leonard H. McCoy - Starfleet Academy 2255-2258
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okay but imagine bones’ hair always falling out of place and across his forehead when he has really long shifts and jim just kind of casually reaching over to brush it back whenever he comes to visit the med bay

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Anonymous: Dammit now i want to read hurt!bones fics 


well friend i have a few bookmarked

injured!bones at varying degrees of injured

Always by 

Beating Like A Hammer by canistakahari 

Not Today by stillwaters01 

Hold Me Tight (I’ll Hold My Breath) by laughter_now (drowning tw, aviaphobia, nsfwish at the end)

Kings of Medicine by  (torture cw, nsfwish)

Proofs by 

In Perfect Life by  (torture cw)

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by  (virus/sickness cw, oc character death cw)

Ocean Lives by  (drowning cw)

A Show of Strength by  (torture cw)

I Feel Again by  (terminal illness, hypothermia, mild torture, basically bones in bad straits)

Sentinal/guide fics (which can be a lil overbearing with the whole codependency thing but if you like fics which feature empath/guide!bones then here you are)

Don’t Buy the Red String by 

In an Orbit All the Way Around You by  (nsfw)

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sometimes i think academy era mckirk is the only thing i truly care about

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a day in the life of leonard mccoy (tags via earhattery)

A very poignant documentary indeed.